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Which Side of Rug Pad Goes Down?- No More Confusion!

“Which side of rug pad goes down on floors?” is a common question that gets asked a lot.

You are also confused. Right?

If “YES,” you’ve come to the right place to learn about rug pads which side down.
In this write-up, I’ll discuss this topic so that you don’t make any mistakes when installing a rug underpad.

An essential step in safeguarding your floor and rug is using a rug underpad between your floor and rug. Rug pad acts twofold. First, it protects the hardwood floor from scratches caused by the rug’s underside. Second, it protects the rug from wear and tears from daily uses.

But it is important to place your rug underpad so that it faces correctly. Otherwise, it may create some minor issues and won’t perform as you’d expect it to.

Here we come.

Read on to learn how to install a rug pad and more about which side of rug pad goes up/ down.

How to Install a Rug Pad Under an Area Rug & Which Side Goes Down

Before explaining which side of rug pad goes up/ down, I like to talk about how to install it.

It’s straightforward.

Follow the steps.

Step 1: Measure and trim the correct size for your rug pad.

Step 2: Clear out any items or furniture in the way of your area where you plan to install your rug with a underpad.

Step 3: Clean the area for any dirt or dust; otherwise, dirt/dust may create a spot and damage your floor.

Step 4: Decide which position of your rug best fits your room. If you already have installed an area rug, it’s better to mark the area of your rug temporarily. You can use rug tape for this purpose. Then, pull your area rug pad halfway.

Step 5: If both the sides of your pad are not identical, identify its backing and the upper surface. Roll out and place your pad correctly. While placing, follow the rug pad manufacturer’s instructions. Use the marks as a guide when placing.

Step 6: Pull your half-folded area rug back.

Step 7: Repeat the process on the other end.

Step 8: Smooth out any air bubble between the pad and rug.

Step 9: Remove the markings.

Step 10: Put your furniture back.

Which Side of Rug Pad Goes Down?- Here are the Answers

Most of the rug underpads include the directions to which side of the pad is up.
But which side of your pad you should lay down or up depends on your flooring type and rug pad materials.

Below, I’ve listed some common types of rug pads based on materials and which way they should be placed facing the floor.

Felt: which side of felt rug pad goes down?

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Generally, this type of pad features a soft side and a stiff side. The stiff side may scratch your hardwood surface. So, place the soft side down for the best protection of your hardwood floor or a carpeted area.

Rubber: which side of rubber rug pad goes down?

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I’ve found that most rubber or natural rubber rug pads include one soft side and another stiff side that features a rug gripper pattern. Keep the gripper pattern side upwards to hold the rug in place, while the soft side should go down towards the floor to prevent scratching.

Jute: which side of jute rug pad goes down?

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Some jute pads are identical on either side. However, other varieties feature a rubber backing. This layer prevents slipping and adds padding. So, placing the rubberized side facing down to the floor is recommended to increase the traction to prevent your rug from slipping across the hardwood floor. The other side of the jute pad will face up against your rug.

In the case of a felt jute pad, pay attention to both surfaces. Both sides of a felt jute pad are needle-punched differently. Generally, one side is flatter and firmer, and the other is softer.

The flatter side should be placed facing up to meet the bottom of the rug. The softer side should face the floor to prevent scratching. Keep in mind that the felt jute rug pad is not slip-resistant.

Rugs over Carpet pad: what side of carpet pad goes down?

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This type of pad comes with a smoother side and a slightly rough side. Which side of rug pad goes down on carpet?-it is a common question many people ask.

Well, the rough side of the pad will go up facing the bottom of your area rug. As a result, it’ll help to hold your rug in place on top of the carpet. The softer side of the pad will face the floor or wall-to-wall carpet.

PVC: which side of PVC rug pad goes down?

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Like rubber pads, PVC pads also feature a gripper pattern side and a soft side. The pattern side goes up when setting it up. The soft side is supposed to go down.

Memory foam: which side of memory foam rug pad goes down?

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If your pad is constructed of memory foam all the way, simply place it in any way you like. Because both the sides of the pad are identical so, there is no specific up or downside. But you’ll also find some memory foam under the pad with a rubber or felt layer on one side that indicates the underside of the pad. In this case, place the rubber or felt backing towards the floor.

Final Words

I hope, this discussion has provided you with the explanation and the right guidelines to install a rug pad.

Buy the right rug pad for your floor type and place it correctly.


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