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Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Plank Flooring (4 Top-Picks)- These Are Really Safe

Looking for ways to save your vinyl floor from scratches and damage to your rug’s backing?

Are you worried about your rug pad would stain, discolor or damage your luxury vinyl plank floors?

Then, a vinyl-safe rug pad is an effective protection against these issues.

Rug pad guards your rug and shields your beautiful vinyl flooring. And the best rug pad makes all of the difference.

If you’re looking for the best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring, then our short-list and review will help you a lot.

Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Plank Flooring- 4 Top Picks & Reviews

best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring
Best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring

So, what kind of rug pad for vinyl plank flooring?

My top recommendations for vinyl floor-safe rug pads are as follows.

#1 RUGPADUSA Basics RPBF24-1941, PLUSH FEEL – Best-Felt Rug Pad

best felt rug pad
  • Available size: 30 sizes available
  • Available thickness: 1/2”, ¼”, 3/8”
  • Material: 100% felt
  • Color: Grey

My first choice for the best pad for rug on vinyl floor is RUGPADUSA Basics push feel, RPBF24-1941.

RUGPADUSA – Basic felt pad is an excellent choice to make an eco-friendly home. This premium rug pad protects all floor types and finishes from damage.

100% felt cushioned: This cushioning adds a protective layer and comfort under area rugs. It contains no latex, PVC, or glues. So, it won’t mark or stain your vinyl floor finishes.

Multiple thicknesses: The ¼-inch pad contains 24oz of felt per square yard. This thickness is good for insulation benefits and noise reduction. Additionally, ½-inch and 3/8-inch thicknesses are also available for more cushion, protection, and noise reduction.


  • Safe for all floor and finishes including hardwood
  • Premium quality
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use at home
  • Eco-friendly- no odors, chemicals, or adhesive
  • Dense fiber for added cushion and soundproofing
  • Easy to trim with scissors
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes


  • Not intended to prevent area rugs from sliding in high traffic areas.

RUGPADUSA also offers this best rug pad for luxury vinyl floors:

Rug Pad USA Rugs 100% Felt Safe For All Floors: Thickness 1/3-inch

best rug pad for luxury vinyl floor

#2 Mohawk Home Ultra Premium– Best All Surface Rug Pad

best all surface rug pad
  • Available size: 9 sizes available
  • Available thickness: ¼”, 3/8”
  • Material: Sourced felt
  • Color: Grey

Mohawk felt rug pad provides the perfect balance of plush cushioned comfort beneath your area rug and long-lasting protection of your floor.

Perfect for family’s high-traffic areas: Made of 100% recycled felt. Durable construction materials of this pad reduce vinyl floor from discoloration and long-term damages from area rug’s backing. It also reduces pile crushing from the furniture.

Green Label Plus Certified: Most importantly, this pad is safe for homes and the environment.

Versatile: Available both in ¼-inch for thicker rugs and 3/8-inch for low-profile rugs. So, you can choose the thickness right for you! You can place it on any type of floor. The tapered edges prevent curling and tripping.

Superior Cushioning: Both the ¼-inch and 3/8-inch thick rug pads offer sumptuous soft underfoot cushioning. It also helps to soften the impact beneath your area rug. Extra cushion helps to tamp down the noise.

Customizable to any rug size: Mohawk premium rug pad is easy to trim with scissors for a tailor-made shape for perfect fit beneath any rug size.

Easy cleaning: You can easily clean any spills with mild detergent. However, it’s not machine washable.


  • Safe for all types of floors
  • Premium cushioning
  • Good for noise and insulation benefit
  • Easy to trim with scissors
  • Durable; long-lasting protection
  • Safe to use; Green Label Plus Certified
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • It won’t prevent area rugs from sliding.

#3 RUGPADUSA Eco Plush Felt Rug Pads, RPEP40-2211

best rug pad
  • Available size: 30 pre-cut sizes available
  • Available thickness: ½”, ¼”, 3/8”
  • Material: 100% felt
  • Color: Grey

RUGPADUSA Eco Plush Rug Pad is the best pad under an area rug for vinyl floors. It is LEED and CRI Green Label Plus certified for green air quality. So, it is safe for your family and home.

Moreover, the rug padding consists of recycled new carpet fibers, yarn, nylon, and polyester. It has no unpleasant odor. It’s 100% safe for all floor types including vinyl plank. It contains no latex, PVC, or glues making it perfect for an eco-friendly home.

This ½-inch dense pad offers premium protection and comfort underfoot. It provides luxurious cushioning for your rug. It also acts as a barrier between the elements that may fall through the rug and damage your floor.

It is also available in ¼” and 3/8” thickness to meet your needs.


  • Highest quality
  • Safe for all floor types
  • Supreme comfort and protection
  • No added chemicals, glues, adhesives, or PVC
  • Offers sound insulating benefits
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA


  • Not a non-slip rug pad

#4 IFRMMY Newest Area Gripper Rug Felt Pad– Best Non-Slip Rug Pad

best non slip rug pad
  • Available size: 6 sizes available
  • Available thickness: 0.06 inch
  • Material: Felt and silicone
  • Color: Grey

If you’re looking for the best anti-slip rug felt pad, IFRMMY Newest is the right choice for you. It works for all floor surfaces including vinyl, tile, ceramic. However, it is one of the best rug pads for vinyl floors.

You can use it underneath the futon, rug, mattress, carpets, chair cushions, or sofa cushions.

Ultra Strong grip: It helps lock the rug in place or help stop the carpet from sliding on the floor. Thanks to its unique double-sider non-slip silicone gel grippers.

Premium Quality: The high-quality felt and silicone materials make this rug pad durable. This non-adhesive pad won’t stain or mark floor finishes. Plus, it’ll protect your floor from rough rug backing.

Ultra low profile: It is approximately 0.06 inches thick. This low-profile design allows you to trim it to fit your rug or carpet sizes.


  • Perfect for all floor surfaces
  • Anti-skid for maximum traction and grip
  • Double-sided slip-resistant
  • Low-profile; easy to trim
  • Ultra-strong grip


Not recommended to use on damp floors

Do you need a rug pad on vinyl plank flooring?

The simple answer is “YES”.

But be sure that the rug pad is compatible with your vinyl floor.

Vinyl plank flooring (also called luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl floor (LVF)) is getting more and more popular. It is a great alternative to hardwood floors. Vinyl is highly versatile, extremely durable, and low maintenance. The waterproof nature of vinyl makes it perfect in high-humidity climates, where hardwood might swell or bulge.

Unfortunately, vinyl floors have some downsides too.

Although vinyl features a wear-resistant layer, dirt and dust can scratch its surface.
Exposure to sunlight and everyday foot traffic cause staining and fading to the vinyl surface.
The bottom layer of your rug may scratch the vinyl surface because of the friction caused by foot traffic.

Advantages of using a rug pad on vinyl flooring

Placing a rug pad underneath your rug helps protects your beautiful vinyl plank flooring from possible damage- yellow stain, discoloration, scratch. The rug pad acts as a protective barrier between your rug and the floor.

The pad absorbs the majority of the impact from foot traffic, puts less strain on the rug, and reduces wear on your floor.

It protects the floor against scratches and abrasion from furniture and rugs that have rough backings. This prolongs the lifespan of both your rug and floor.

Placing a rug pad underneath your rug adds luxurious comfort. It also maximizes cushioning for added feet comfort.

The extra thickness of the rug pad helps absorb sound, thus it helps with noise reduction.
Thick rug pads have insulation properties, so it adds warmth for increased comfort.

A rug pad helps to firmly anchor your rug in place. As a result, you can vacuum straight over your rug.

How to Choose the Best Rug Pad for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Each of the above-reviewed rug pads is safe, high-quality, and reasonably priced, making them the perfect choice for your vinyl flooring.

However, before adding one to your cart list, go through my buying guide for a wise purchasing decision.

1. Consider the Construction Materials of the Rug Pad

You are already aware that not all rug pads are compatible with vinyl floors.

Certain materials of your rug and rug pad may harm this type of floor.

So, What Kind of Rug Pad is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Opt for a vinyl-friendly rug pad that will add a practical and safe layer between your rug and the floor.

In general, non-rubber rug pads are vinyl-floor friendly. Rug pads made of felt, soybean blends, and visco-elastic memory foam are safe for this flooring type. 100 % felt is a great solution. The pads that have no “glues, bonding agents, or adhesives are also safe to use.

However, when shopping for the safest rug pad for vinyl floor, check the item description for the words such as colorfast or non-staining. These rug pads are always a safe bet.

Don’t instantly opt for the rug pads that are labeled “safe for hardwoods”. Because even if a pad is marked as safe for hardwood, it doesn’t mean that it will be safe for your vinyl surface.

It is recommended to consult your floor manufacturer to make sure your rug pad is vinyl-floor friendly.

What should you not use on a vinyl plank?

Rubber (both the natural and synthetic) backed rug and rug pad is a great anti-slip option for vinyl and laminating floor because it sticks directly to the floor surface.

But you should avoid rubber-backed rugs or rug pads. You should not use plastic or any other pads that are made with PVC.

Rubber will slowly and surely damage your LVP.

The petroleum-based products in vinyl plank floors cause an adverse chemical reaction with the plasticizers and polymers found in the most rubber. As a result, you may notice several occurring, such as yellow staining and disintegration of your rug backing.

These rug pads often contain a combination of toxic materials. Due to this reaction, harmful vapors are also released into your home air.

Over time, the rubber adheres to the vinyl surface when no air circulates between the two for a long time.

Don’t buy poor-quality rug pads.

2. Think about your purpose for using a rug pad

One may use a rug pad underneath his/ her rug for cushioning and/or safety.

Rug pads come in different thicknesses- from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch. Low-profile or thin pads are right if you only need the protection of your floor and rugs.

Thinner pads also work well with runners and small rugs that just need to stay in place. However, if you want a cushion, opt for a thick rug pad.

A cushioned pad underneath your area rug allows you to enjoy plush and luxurious comfort. Cushioned rug pads for vinyl plank flooring will not only provide you extra cushy feel but also extra protection from damage from an accidental spill-off. It also provides a little sound insulation.

If you already have a thicker rug, it’ll be better to opt for a low-profile pad. But placing a thick rug pad underneath a heavy area rug creates a truly luxurious feel.

If you want the non-slip feature, opt for non-slip rug pads for luxury vinyl floors. A non-slip rug pad prevents slipping hazards and helps to keep your rug in place, especially in a high-traffic area.

3. Dimensions

Measure the dimensions of your rug under which you plan to place a pad. Rug pads are available in almost all popular rug sizes. Note that your rug pad should be one to two inches smaller on all sides than your rug.

However, you can trim most of the rug pads with household scissors to achieve the perfect fit.

FAQS about vinyl flooring-friendly rug pads

What is a colorfast rug/ rug pad?

The rugs or rug pads that are labeled “colorfast” mean the dyes or chemicals used to make them won’t react with the surface of your floor. So, you can be sure of no staining or discoloration on your floor.

What is “off-gassing?

Sometimes you may need to open the window of your room to “air out” a new purchase- that is off-gassing.

Can I use plastic rug pads on vinyl flooring?

No. Phthalate is a common component of plastic that is used to make plastics harder to break. Unfortunately, it is extremely toxic for both humans and animals. And it is also a dissolving agent.

Can you cut a rug pad down?

Rug pads are available in the most popular sizes. But they may not always match perfectly with your rug. Fortunately, you can easily trim the pad with sharp household scissors.


These are some of the best rug pads for vinyl plank flooring.

Not just for supportive cushioning, a rug pad enhances the life span of your favorite rug. It protects your area rug from everyday wear by giving it a foundation that keeps the rug in place.

Now that you know which are the best rug pads for vinyl plank flooring, it’s time to start shopping.

Pick the best one and prolong the life span of your rug and floor.

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