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How to Use Furniture Sliders Effectively- The Detailed Guidelines

A furniture slider is a life-saver for convenient moving and settling of your heavy furniture or large appliance from one room to another.

This moving equipment is a must-have for moving and reorganizing heavy furniture on your own. It is also convenient to maneuver awkward, heavy items onto a dolly on your moving day. Furniture sliders make heavy household items moving less tedious without damaging your floor, furniture, and yourself.

But the question may pop up in your mind about how to use furniture sliders.

My guidelines will help you get the job done!

What are Furniture Sliders?

For new users of this small moving tool, I like to depict what are slide pads for moving furniture?

These are compact and raised discs that you need to place underneath the legs or edges of heavy household items-mostly heavy appliances and furniture. This tool lets you glide the furniture rather than drag or pick it up. The main purpose of using these small discs is to eliminate friction between heavy objects and the floor.

Furniture sliders are also called furniture gliders.

So, What are Furniture Sliders Made of?

In general, these small tools are made of single-part or multi-part discs. The materials used to make this moving tool are plastic, rubber, and felt.

Some sliders have hard plastic or durable rubber on both sides. Some are entirely made of felt (both sides).

Some sliding pads have a foam or spongy material on one side on which the furniture legs rest. There is durable plastic or rubber on the other side that comes in contact with the floor. X-PROTECTOR furniture moving pads are made of solid felt, durable plastic, and premium rubber foam.

best furniture moving pad

Most importantly, you can find furniture sliders that are compatible with different floors and furniture types.

So, to understand how to use sliders to move furniture, it is important to understand every type and choose the right one according to your floor type.

Wondering what kind of slider pads you’ll need?

What are the best furniture sliders for carpets?

Plastic or rubber furniture sliders are perfect for carpets and rugs. They not only prevent pulling your carpet fibers but also protect your furniture’s legs from sticking on carpet fibers. For effortless moving on your carpet, Super Sliders Oval Reusable Furniture Sliders are highly recommended.

A plastic furniture slider is ideal for wooden flooring.

What are the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors?

I recommend the furniture sliders with felt or that are made of any spongy materials. X-PROTECTOR 16 pcs felt furniture sliders are one of the most popular choices for hardwood floors.

best furniture sliders for hardwood floors

Multi-surface furniture slider has a felt covering that sandwiches the hard materials of the slider. This felt cover comes in contact with the floor. These are the best type of furniture sliders for hardwood, laminate, vinyl floor, ceramic tiles, cement, and other hard surfaces. X-PROTECTOR Multi-Surface Sliders lets you move your furniture on any surface easily!

best multi-furface furniture slider pad

When it comes to sizes and shapes, furniture moving pads come in different shapes-round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, and sizes-small or large. You can also customize the pad sizes according to your need.

How to Use Furniture Sliders- Step by Step Guidelines

Furniture slider pads are easy to use. Follow these simple steps to use this tool.

  • Furniture pads are available in a set of pieces of the same sizes or assorted sizes. Ensure you have the correct number of pads to get the job done. (you’ll need one pad for each edge or leg of your items. )
  • Double-check if you get the correct type of pads for your flooring type. Check the weight limit of each pad mentioned on the package. Make sure your selected pads can manage the load.
  • Unpack your slider pad/ kit and read the directions before using it.
  • First, empty the furniture piece you plan on moving. If it is a refrigerator, you need to empty it completely before moving it.
  • If there is anything (such as photo frames, vases, etc.) on the top of your furniture, take it down. If it has drawers or doors, secure them.
  • Lift or tilt your heavy appliance or furniture. If it is a chair, table, sofa, or recliner that you want to move, lift one corner to make a small gap between its leg and the ground. You may need a helping hand to lift or tilt the object if it is very heavy. If it is a refrigerator or other household appliance, tilt it forward or backwards until its edges or legs come off the floor.
  • While it is slightly lifted or tilted, place the sliding pad underneath the leg or edges of the furniture. Place the furniture back on the floor. Position the sliders correctly.
  • Repeat for each edge or leg. Confirm each foot is centered on the sliding pad. Reposition if needed.
  • Now it’s time to move! Push your furniture slowly to your desired point of placement. This way, you can move even the heaviest objects effortlessly.
  • Avoid pulling your heavy item as it may put a strain on your back.
  • When finished, take each pad from underneath by slightly tilting or lifting the object. Reuse them to move other appliances or furniture.
  • Store the pads for your next move. You can store the pieces in a plastic container in your closet until you need them.

That’s it – now you know how to move furniture with sliders!

Use the best furniture sliders to move your large and heavy items within your apartment without professional assistance.

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