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How Does a Wall Hugger Recliner Work?- You Should Know

Have you ever found yourself wondering how does a wall hugger recliner works?

Then, read this post to find out how they function.

Wall hugger recliner is also named as wall away recliner, wall-saver recliner, or wall recliner.

A regular recliner takes up much room in your living room or bedroom. Fortunately, a wall-away version gives you all the benefits of a traditional recliner, without compromising on space!

Thanks to its innovative streamlined technology that lets it be placed into any small room and functions properly. If you live in a small studio apartment, the space-saver design of this type of recliner makes it possible for you to have a comfortable resting place.

The space-saver design of the wall hugger makes it ideal for a small bedroom or busy living room.

So, let’s find how this type of reclining chair functions.

How Does a Wall Hugger Recliner Work

Nearly all types of recliners require a bit of clearance space to lean back safely and open fully without hitting the nearby furniture or wall.

A standard recliner tips beck when you stretch out. It may take 9 to 20 inches of space behind it to recline fully. When it reclines, the seat doesn’t move. But the seatback moves downwards and, the footrest starts outspread.

It is not the case for a wall hugger reclining chair.

A wall-saver recliner requires very little space for the reclining action.

You can place a wall-away recliner very close to the wall and, still, it’ll recline. Instead of tipping back like a traditional recliner, the seat of a wall-hugger slides forward to create clearance space for the seatback to recline. During the process, the footrest stretches out but, the back or lumbar support barely moves.

In other words, it reclines away from the wall.

So, what is the underlying mechanism?

It is the innovative streamlined forward-gliding mechanism.

The base of this kind of chair sits on a track. Rather than reclining back, the seats actually move forward on the track.

When you sit in this type of reclining chair and pull the lever or press the button, its gliding mechanism pushes the recliner seat forwards. So, the back of the recliner never gets closer to the wall.

However, based on different types of wall-hugger recliners, this mechanism may vary slightly.

Power wall hugger recliner includes a motor that controls all of the electric functions of the chair. With a single set of buttons, it allows you to operate the footrest and backrest. It also offers you a wide range of positions to get you comfortable in.

The manual wall hugger recliner doesn’t include any motor or power source. It utilizes your body weight to recline the backrest while a lever helps to open the footrest. It offers limited reclining positions.

How Does a Wall Hugger Recliner Work-Related FAQs

What are the different types of wall recliners available?

Wall hugging recliners are available in a plethora of designs and types. The most common are:

  • Small Wall Hugger Recliners
best small wall hugger recliner

These are less in width than standard recliners. In addition, the footrest of this type of chair doesn’t rise too high.

  • Wall Hugger Loveseat
best wall hugger loveseat

It is one kind of wide sofa that can accommodate two people. However, it comes with a similar reclining mechanism as a single recliner.

  • Wall Hugger Power Recliner
best wall hugger power recliner

This type includes one or more built-in motors that control the functions of the chair such as powerlifting, reclining the backrest, and raising the footrest.

  • Wall Hugger Rocker Recliner

This type of rocker reclining chair has rocking feature. Such a piece of furniture is a great stress reliever and perfect for nursing moms.

  • Swivel Wall Hugger Recliner
swivel wall hugger recliner

This model includes a circular base that allows the chair to swivel right, and left as well as recline backward.

How close to the wall can a wall hugger recliner be??

You should place a wall-saver recliner at least 4 to 6 inches away from the wall. It should not be closer 5 inches from the wall in its upright position. A zero wall recliner, the latest generation of a reclining chair, requires far less room.

best zero wall hugger recliner

What is a pushback recliner?

pushback recliner

In general, a recliner reclines when a button or a lever is pushed that helps the seat to lean back into the reclining position and, the footrest raises. But a push-back recliner doesn’t include a button or lever for its reclining mechanism. When a person sits and leans back in a push-back recliner, it exerts pressure on the back rest of the chair.

What is a 3-way recliner?

It is a 3-position lift chair. 3-way recliner lets the people recline into a standard straight position, a “TV recline” position, and a sleeping position.

Does a wall hugger recliner fully recline?

Yes, it can recline completely or lay flat and let you relax in it for hours.

Is it difficult for a wall-away recliner to fall forward?

This type of reclining chair leans back against the wall. So, there is nothing that will push on the front of them and tip over when you’re sitting in them. However, if your feet don’t touch the floor while you’re sitting in a wall-saver recliner, it may be hard to push back and there is a risk of toppling forward.

What are the benefits of using a hugger recliner?

First of all, the space-saver design of this type of recliner makes it an ideal option for people short in space as it can be placed close to the wall.

Secondly, this variation provides a more relaxed seating position for reading or watching TV than any basic recliners.

If you have difficulty getting up on your own, the low back of a wall-saver recliner makes it easy to push off and get out of the seat with minimal effort.

Is there any downside to using a wall hugger?

Wall-away recliners don’t offer many positions for the footrest.

Another downside of this variation is typically lower to the floor than other types. So, you’ll be in a more upright position when seated in it. Although it is good for people having difficulties getting out of seats on their own, many people find it getting stuck leaning against the wall.

How does a wall hugger recliner work?- My Parting Words…

I hope, this article was helpful to you to learn the working mechanism of a wall recliner.

If you’re worried that you won’t have space to place the bulky traditional recliner, this piece of furniture will fit perfectly into your studio apartment.

Make the best decision on the best wall-hugger recliners to meet your desires and needs.

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