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Do Jute Rugs Need a Pad?-(What You Need to Know)

Jute rug is a popular choice for floor covering in homes and offices. They’re eco-friendly, easy to care for and can last for many years.

A rug pad is a piece of sheet typically made of felt, foam, rubber etc. It is placed between the rug and floor that serves as a buffer between these two layers.

But do jute rugs need a pad?

Yes, like any rug, jute rugs also need a pad. If you're concerned about protection for your rug, then you should definitely consider adding a pad. You'll love the various benefits of rug pads! It is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, it will add comfort and style to your rug.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into why rug pads are unnecessary for your jute rug.

We’ll also shortlisted here 3 best rug pads for jute rugs that you can use to keep your investment safe and in good conditions.

With that said, let’s get started.

6 Reasons Why a Rug Pad Is a Must-Have Accessory for Your Jute Rug

A rug pad is an essential accessory for any jute rug. Why?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Keeps a rug in place

100% Jute rug doesn’t come with any kind of backing. So, it may slide or tend to move a lot on hardwood-, laminate-, vinyl floors and even on concrete floor. A non-slip rug pad helps keep the rug in place and prevents it from slipping and moving around.

2. Help protect rugs from dirt and dust.

It protects your rug from being soiled or stained. It helps hold down any bits of debris that might get stuck between the jute fiber and floor. Thus, it prevents the dirt, dust, and other debris from becoming embedded and causing to accumulate over time.

3. Makes your jute rug more comfortable

Adding a cushioned rug pad underneath your jut rug will add extra cushioning and comfort to the surface of the rug.

4. Prolongs the life of your rug

A good quality rug pad will also keep the shape of the rug intact. It prevents the rug from becoming flattened or stretched out over time.

5. Protects your floors

Although a jute rug is less prone to scratching hardwood flooring, this is not always the case.

When jute rugs are walked on, the backside of the rug may rub against your floor surface, creating friction and wear to any delicate floor. A rug pad protects the flooring underneath your rug from scratches and damage.

A rug pad also helps protect against damage caused by foot traffic. It keeps delicate rugs from being trampled on, which can cause them to become worn more quickly or suffer tears in their construction.

6. Makes your jute rug cleaning easier

Adding a rug pad to your jute rug can make cleaning it much easier. Not only will you avoid having to shake the fibers off of the rug, but you can also vacuum them up easily with a cordless sweeper or Hoover. Plus, if there are any accidents on the rug (like food), this pad will catch them and keep your floor clean!

What Kind of Rug Pad for Jute Rug?

Rug pads are made of different materials. They are typically made of felt, but other options are also available. So it is best to choose one that is specifically designed for jute rugs.

The best option for jute rug is a felt rug pad with backing. Felt rug pad with rubber backing is an excellent non-slip option for jute rug. The felt top layer of this type of pad grabs the rug and add cushion underfoot for comfort.

On the other hand, the rubber backing anchors the rug to the floor surface to prevent it from moving or sliding around.

The Best Rug Pads for Jute Rugs

Here are the three of very best rug pads for jute rugs.

best rug pad for jute rug

#1 Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper, Dual Surface Felt + Rubber Gripper – Safe for All Floors

#2 RUGPADUSA – Basics – 00% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad – Safe for All Floors and Finishes Including Hardwoods

#3 Mohawk Home Rug Pad 100% Felt Protective Cushion- Safe for All Floors

Read my full reviews of the best rug pads for jute rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the other things you may want to know about pad for jute rugs.

1. What size rug pad do I need for my jute rug?

There is a common misconception that your rug underlayment has the same dimensions as your rug.

However, the rule of thumb for any rug is that your rug underlayment should be about one inch smaller than your rug on all sides. That way the edges of the pad will not be visible from the edges of your rug.. Most importantly, a pad that is smaller than your rug will hold the edges and corners in place and prevent them from folding over.

2. Should I remove the pad every time I vacuum my jute rug?

You should remove the pad every time you vacuum your jute rug because it can damage the rug fibers and cause rug damage.

3. What can you use instead of rug pads?

Instead of a rug pad, you can use double-sided rug tape. These type of carpet tape has adhesive on both sides to keep the rug gripped to the floor. But before adding rug tape it’s important to check your floor compatibility so that it doesn’t harm your floor.

4. What kind of rug pads are safe for hardwood floors?

Natural rubber rug pad is one of the safest options for hardwood floors. It also offer strong gripping power and doesn’t stick to the floor surface.


So, are rug pads necessary for jute rugs?

In addition to jute rugs, rug pads are also a great option for wool rugs, shag rugs, and area rugs.

So whether you have a jute area rug or any other type of rug, make sure to get a rug pad to protect your flooring!