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Can You Put a Couch on Risers? (Quick Answer with 5 Best Recommendations!)

If you prefer sitting higher up and are looking to elevate your existing furniture, putting it on risers is a great option! But the question is, can you put a couch on risers?

The answer is yes!

You can definitely use risers to elevate your couch, sofa, sleeper sofa, bed etc. It is a great way to add extra height to your piece of furniture or to create storage underneath it. Just be sure to measure the feet of your furniture carefully before you buy risers, to ensure a perfect fit. Make sure, the risers are robust and stable enough to ensure they don’t collapse.

We’ll go into details about this topic. For now let’s have a look at some of the best riser for couch.

couch riser

5 Best Couch Risers Recommended

#1 Utopia Bedding Adjustable Furniture Risers – Elevation in Heights 3, 5 or 8 Inch Heavy Duty Risers for Sofa and Table – Supports up to 1,300 lbs – (Set of 4 Riser, Black)

#2 Home-it Adjustable Furniture Riser- lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 riser

#3 BTSD-home Bed Risers 3 or 6 Inch Heavy Duty Stackable Furniture Risers for Sofa Table Couch Chair Bed Raisers Blocks 4 Pack Black

#4 Slipstick CB672 Premium 3 Inch Bed Risers/Furniture Raisers with Steel Reinforced Holder Top, Lifts Height 3″ (4 Pack) Supports 2,640 Pounds, Black, Stackable with CB671

#5 Stack-Its 1 Inch Adjustable Bed Risers / Furniture Risers (Set of 8) Lifts Height 1″, 2″ or 3″ – Black Heavy Duty Raisers

So, what is couch riser?

A couch riser is a versatile piece of small block or space erthat allow you to raise furniture up off the ground. Most of this little accessory has a receptacle at the top to hold furniture legs.

Risers come in mainly two configurations- non-permanent and permanents. Non-permanent risers means your furniture simply stands on the blocks. On the other hand, you need to attach the permanent block to the furniture feet.

When it comes to shapes, they are available in rectangular, cone-shaped, bun-shaped, or pyramid-shaped.

They are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from wood, and some are made from rubber, heavy-duty plastic, or wood. In terms of durability, wooden risers are better than plastics ones.

They come in different heights and widths, so be sure to find the right one for your needs.

Benefits of Using a Couch Riser

If you find your couch, sofa, sectional or bed just a little bit short, risers is a great way to add height to it without having to compromise on comfort or design.

If you’ve got an injury or you’re too tall for your couch or sofa, adding height to this key piece of furniture will make it easier to get in and out of.

Riser is also a great way to add height to furniture, making it more accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility.

Additionally, they’re helpful if you want to create more storage space under a furniture.

Tips for Using a Couch Riser

There are a few things to consider while putting a couch on risers.

  • Will the risers be stable enough to support the couch?

First and foremost, make sure that your furniture is level . If your couch or sofa isn’t leveled properly, the risers won’t work as intended and may cause instability in the piece.

  • Will the couch be too high off the ground?

Make sure to consider the height of your current couch and how much added height do your need.

The stability of the risers is important to consider when putting a couch on them. The couch could be too high off the ground and become unstable. The risers could also be unstable and cause the couch to fall over.

Too much height can lead to challenges getting in and out of the chair or bed.

Finally, test out the risers on your couch to see if they fit properly and are comfortable to sit on.

  • What kind of couch is it?

The type of couch is also important to consider when putting it on risers. A heavier couch may be too much for the risers to support. A lighter couch may be easier to put on risers, but it may not be as stable.

Before you buy them, make sure to measure the height of the furniture and purchase riser that is big enough to fit the furniture. Finally, make sure to install risers by following these tips: attaching with screws and bolts, marking where legs go on both sides, and drilling pilot holes into wood floors.

What are Some Other Ways to Add Height to My Couch?

Adding risers under the foot of your couch is not only the way for raising it off the floor. Fortunately, there are many other options to choose from.

In the following section, I’ll explain different methods that you can use instead of set of furniture risers. Consider which works best for your furniture, and you.

  1. Replace the Seat Cushions

Depending on the design and state of your couch, you can replace its seat cushions with higher ones. It’ll not only make the seating surface higher but also give your couch a fresh new look.

If your couch design allow replaceable seat cushions, you can buy cushions with extra height and replace the old one. You can buy foam that is suitable for making seat cushions and custom it to fit your couch. On this case, chances are that your old cushion cover won’t accommodate the added cushions. So, you may need to put a slipcover over the couch

2. Add More Cushions to your existing ones

If your existing couch design doesn’t allow to replace the cushions, you can add more cushions to give the seat a raised height. Buy the cushions and put them on the top of the existing cushions for added height.

3. Fit a Thick Piece of Foam below the Couch Cushion

It is one of the simplest way to boost the height to your couch. You can place a thick piece of foam below the cushion. Measure the top cushions of your couch, get the foam with the thickness you desired and cut the foam in the same shape. Then place it under the top cushion of your couch. It’s that simple!

On the negatives, it won’t be looking nice to have a exposed foam under the top cushions of your sofa/ couch.

However, you can use a complementary color cover for the foam or put a slipcover over your sofa.

4. Caster wheels

If you’re looking for a way to add height to your couches and make it easy to move at the same time, then caster wheel is the best option for you. This accessory will not only make your heavy furniture easier to move around to clean below it but also add a touch of modernity to your sofa.

Most of the caster wheels come equipped with pre-drilled base that accept a wide range of bolts and screws. So you can easily attach them to your couch base.

To prevent unnecessary rolling you can rest the back of your couch against a wall. It’s also great to place your couch with casted wheels on non-slip rug pad or floor mat.

My suggestion is go for braked wheel type caster that will prevent roll away while you lean against while sitting down.

When fitting the castor wheels to your couch, it is an excellent idea to fit the braked wheel type to ensure the couch doesn’t roll away if someone leans against it while sitting down. This option would work even better if the back of the couch rested up against a wall.

Raising your couch height to match other seating is especially useful when you need the couch to be mobile and double as seating at a dining-room table etc. A couch fitted with castor wheels is easy and convenient to move around.

Castor wheels will add a touch of modernity to your sofa, and it will also be a lot easier to move around to clean below it.

5. Fit Longer Legs

If your furniture or couch design allows, you can replace its legs with longer ones to get your desired height.

Some couches or sofas have removable leg design for easy transport. So, you can easily replace the short legs with replacement couch legs.

Conveniently, replacement legs are available in different sizes and shapes. Determine how much taller you like your couch to be. Also check the installation process of the new legs.

6. Place Your Couch on Blocks

Place your furniture’s feet on the concrete blocks or stone pavers. Although it won’t look attractive, it works perfectly. Make sure all the blocks are uniform in sizes and shapes. You can also paint or decorate the blocks for making them attractive. My suggestion is to paint them to match with the color of your couch legs.

Placing blocks or pavers directly on the tiles or hardwood floors, may scratch the surface. So, you need to be ensured to add some padding such as felt pad between the blocks or pavers and floors to prevent scratch.

7. Make Your Own Couch Risers-DIY risers

When it comes to DIY risers, there several ways that you can give a try. Let me explain some of those methods.

  • Build a Boxed Base for Your Couch

If you need a very strong and sturdy platform to add height more than five inches, building a box shaped base is a good idea. Placing your couch on the base not only add heights to it but also giving you a home theater feel.

The added benefit of such box shaped platform is you can use the insight as a storage space to organize your living space and keep things neat.

  • Build Removable Sled Base

It’s another simple DIY method to make your own couch risers. If your couch gets moved around a lot, it is a sturdy solution. Sled base is a simple framework of strips of wood that fit to run horizontally from the front feet to the back feet of the couch.

Measure the distance between the couch’s front and back feet. Add a couple of inches with this measurement. Cut the strips of wood or plywood to length according to this measurement.

If you like to add more height, add more pieces of plywood to the stack and use strong wood glue between each layer to make a strong bonding.

Make identical sled base or stack for each end of your couch. When done, lift the each end of your furniture into the stack or sled base.

What to Consider When Buying Couch Risers

When it comes to buying risers for your couch, it can be a bit confusing. Be sure to consider the following when making your purchase:

Types of Couch riser

There are a few different types of riser furniture, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The most common types are screw-in, adjustable risers and stackable risers. Different style couches require different types of riser furniture.

If you couch has narrower or thinner legs, screw-in riserd are best. For couches eith broader or thickes legs, stackable risers work great. Adjustable risers are perfect if you need to adjust the height of your couch or bed for different size users.

Consider both style and function when selecting your new risers!

Height and Weight Capacity

Make sure that your new risers are compatible with your couch – both in terms of dimensions and weight capacity. Depending on the height of you furniteure, a set risers can add 2 to 12 inches of height to your sofa, couch or bed. Always take into account how high up your existing couch is before deciding whether or not riser-couching is a feasible option for you.

Plus consider the weight limit of the risers. Weight capacity of a riser depends on its constrution materials. In general, they can hold 1000 to 2000 pounds. Some high-density risers can even supports upwars of 10,000 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Couch Risers

Don’t miss the follwoing FAQs section!

1. Is there any drawback of using furniture riser?

There is no significant disadvantages of using this block. However, the main issue is they will be visible. Of course, using a slipcover or furniture cover that extends to the ground will hide the risers. If you decide to use a slipcover on your furniture, make sure you buy a cover that is long enough to cover the risers.

2. How long will it take for the risers to wear out?

It is difficult to say for certain how long risers will last, as this will depend on a number of factors such as the frequency of use, and the material used. However, most risers can last for years under normal use.

3. Should I replace the risers every time I move my couch?

There is no need to replace the risers every time you move your couch. Risers are usually made of a durable material, and will last longer.

4. Is it safe to put a couch on risers?

As long as you buy the high-quality and right sized risers to hold your furniture legs, it is safe to use. Of course, it’s also important to add these blocks properly and the floor need to be flat to prevent wobbling or tilting.

5. Do I need to buy any special tools or equipment to put a couch on risers?

No, you don’t need to purchase any special tools or equipment to put a couch on risers.


So, can you put a couch on risers?

Hope, after reading this blog you have a clear idea on it.

To sum it up, the height adjustments can turn your couch into a fancy yet functional piece of furniture.

The secret lies in creating levels with different heights, depending on how tall or short you want to sit at the couch or sofa without compromising your comfort level!

If you have some tips of your own to share about putting a couch on risers, share with us in the comments section below!