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Do I Need Furniture Pads?-Here is the Answer & 3 Trusted Choices

So, you’ve just freshened your existing wood floor or installed a new hardwood floor!


But one question may pop up in your mind- Do I Need Furniture Pads?

The short answer is- Yes, you need furniture pads before damaging your lovely floor. This anti-scratch tool is a must-have for hardwood floors. However, you can use them with tile and laminate floors as well.

In this post, I’ll go over why you need furniture pads. Don’t miss my recommendation of the 3 best furniture pads at the end of this post.

What Is a Furniture Pad?

Furniture pad is one of the most popular and economical floor protectors that prevent scratches and scuffs from your furniture legs.

They are most commonly made of felt, foam, cork, plastic, or rubber. They are designed to fix the bottom of your furniture legs so that your chair or table glides smoothly across your floor.

Different types of furniture pads are available. Some of them are:

Why Do You Need Furniture Pads?

Both your hardwood floor and furniture are expensive and long-term investments. Unfortunately, furniture can unintentionally damage your floor, whether it’s a chair leg or the bottom edge of your couches.

  • Hardwood surfaces are prone to scratch. The legs of your furniture increase friction on the floors and cause scratching during movement.
  • Investing in the best furniture pads is a smart decision for protecting your expensive floor surface from scratches. Furniture pad is one of the most popular and economical floor protectors.
  • Furniture pads provide a barrier between your furniture bottom and the floor. They prevent scratches from your heavy furniture or appliances during glide through daily cleaning and furniture arrangement!
  • These small floor protectors also protect the bottoms of your chairs, couches, and tables from damage. Additionally, using these tools eliminates the screeching and ear-deafening noise of dragging furniture across the floor.
  • A damaged floor ruins the appearance of your home. If you’re a homeowner, it’ll also depreciate the overall value of your property.

So, it’s time to invest in the best pads for furniture.

But the plethora of choices and brands makes it challenging to pick the right and best one.

No worry!

My shortlist and furniture pad reviews will help you make a wise buying decision.

Just keep scrolling!

My Recommended 3 Best Furniture Pads

These products are available in a range of styles. These also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most importantly, different types of furniture pads are coordinated with different floors.
So, before purchasing one, it is important to check the floor compatibility.

Before making this comprehensive list, I have done a lot of research. I picked a range of best-selling furniture pads from the different renowned brands.

I thoroughly check the overall performance of each set of furniture pads. And finally, narrowed down my list to the 3 best options.

Here’s a run-down of my selected 3 best furniture pads for each situation.

#1 X-PROTECTOR Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads (181 PCS)- Best for hardwood and laminate flooring

best adhesive felt furniture pads


  • Total no. of pieces: 181
  • Colors: Beige & Brown
  • Sizes & shapes: Various
  • Material: Felt
  • Thickness: 1/8″ (all pads)
  • Compatibility: All types of hard floors: hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, etc.

X-PROTECTOR premium furniture pads set is one of the most popular and economical solutions to protect your floor. More than 50,000 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.6 prove its immense popularity.

It is good for all types of floors. However, it is a must-have to protect hardwood or laminated floors. They offer the best protection to maintain the beauty of your floor.

Why choose x protector furniture pads?

High-quality felt construction

Made of high-quality natural fibers that make the pads durable and eco-friendly. They create strong shields between the furniture’s legs and the floor or appliance bottom and surface. Thus the pieces protect the surface from scuffs and scratches.

The huge assortment of a pre-cut range of sizes and shapes

This 181 piece set includes-

64 pcs (3/8 inch round) for small items.
40 pcs (¾ inch round) for small chairs, vases, plant pots, etc.
60 pcs (1 inch round) for chair & armchair legs.
8 pcs (1 ½ inch round) for table legs.
4 pcs (2 inches) round for table legs.
4 pcs (6 x 1/2 -inch strip) for the dresser’s cabinet.

Diversity sizes ensure that you have pads to fit all types of appliances and furniture you have.
All felt pads in this set have a thickness of 1/8 inch and provide good protection for the floor from heavy furniture.

Extra beige sheet

The bonus is the set includes a 4-1/3 x 6-inch sheet. Conveniently, you can cut out the size and shape your need as some items may have large or odd-shaped bottoms.

Strong adhesive backing

With strong adhesive, these floor protectors tightly attach to the items. They won’t fall off and stay put for a long time. Of course, it is very easy to use.

X-PROTECTOR felt pads are also available in sets of 181 pcs brown, 181 pcs beige, 133 brown and beige, 235 pcs beige, and 235 pcs brown.


  • Made of non-toxic materials; eco-friendly
  • Safe for all floors, including vinyl plank flooring
  • Easy to put
  • Well-adhesion
  • Soft and won’t scratch the floor
  • Assorted sizes and shapes to fit different furniture
  • Durable and cost-effective


  • As the protectors make gliding the furniture easier, they can be risky around kids.

#2 FurniMate Self Adhesive Felt Furniture Pad (136 pcs)

furnimate felt furniture pads


  • Total no. of pieces: 136
  • Colors: Brown (also available black, beige)
  • Sizes & shapes: Various
  • Material: Felt, rubber bumper
  • Thickness: 5mm (all pads)
  • Compatibility: All types of floors

FurniMate -00001A are top-quality premium furniture pads that protect hardwood, laminate, and tile floors from scratches and scuffs from furniture. They also minimize the noise and friction that can occur with everyday use.

Why Choose FurniMate Felt Furniture Pad?

Set of 136 Pieces

This set includes the 6 most useful sizes & shapes. These should be enough for all of your furniture and appliances you have.

52 pcs 1 inch round felt pads for armchairs and chair
20 pcs 1.5 inch round pieces for tables
4 pcs 2 inch round pieces for cabinets, beds, and dressers
28 pcs 1×1 inch square pieces for armchairs, coffee tables
2 pcs 4×6 inch rectangle furniture pads for heavy and large furniture. You can customize the sizes for the right shape and size.

Clear Bumper pads

FurniMate pads set also include 30 pcs 0.4-inch Rubber Bumper pads. These are useful for plant pots, vases, doors, drawers, and kitchen cabinets.

All in a box- Handy Storage case included

Conveniently, all of these pieces come in a Plastic box. It is also perfect for storing extra pieces orderly and in one place.

Super thick and strong self-adhesive

These 0.2 inches thick pads protect the value and beauty of your floors. The backing is very sticky to ensure they stay in place. In addition, the pads are made of premium materials for many years of use.


  • Premium quality
  • Durable yet soft on the feet of all furniture
  • Assorted sizes and shapes
  • Easy to use and store


  • Several users have mentioned that they work well only for furniture that does move much.

#3 Bulbhead Ruby Sliders (8 pcs)- Best Chair Leg Floor Protector

ruby slider


  • Total no. of pieces: 8
  • Colors: Clear (also available in black, walnut)
  • Sizes & shape: Round
  • Material: Felt pad & plastic
  • Compatibility: Hard surface and tile floor

If you’re annoyed with the regular felt pads that fall off and are worn easily, Ruby Premium Chair Leg Covers can be the best solution.

Ruby Sliders prevent scratching, protect your floors and furniture leg. Moreover, they help you slide your furniture with ease without noise! You can even move your heaviest furniture with no damage and no effort at all.

Why Choose Ruby Sliders?

Built to last

Each slider has a premium nano-weave felt pad which is attached to the bottom of the cover with industrial-strength adhesive. These are compatible with any hard surface floor, including hardwood, tile, ceramic, laminate, and more!

Ultra-flexible; universal fit

These leg covers easily stretch and conform to any furniture leg size and shape. They even work on metal legs. So, no more struggling with adhesive pads.


  • Made of premium-quality materials
  • Easy to put on
  • Stretches for a snug fit to most furniture legs
  • Premium felt that won’t fall off
  • Slide with ease


  • Not designed for carpet

“Do I Need Furniture Pads”- My Parting Shots

You’re advised to use furniture pads to prevent the rough feet of your furniture from scratching your gorgeous flooring surface.

These tools perform exceptionally well if you need to slide around your appliance or furniture without an extra pair of arms. Moreover, they are affordable and a breeze to deal with.

I’ve thoroughly tested to weed out the protectors that could damage your floor and shortlisted the 3 best furniture pads that work excellently without breaking the bank.

So, pick one right now!

Take care of your lovely flooring and your furniture.

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